Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cool a Stressful Life With Meditation

Visualize the lift. Breathe in… Breathe out. Grip the bar… Lift.

It’s a routine that powerlifter Huy Nhan has performed hundreds of times while preparing to deadlift 575 pounds. He incorporated the visualization and deep breathing techniques into his routine three years ago to improve his concentration, with surprising results.

“I’ve gotten a lot stronger from it,” said Nhan, 24, a kinesiology strength and conditioning major. “I feel a lot healthier from it and my grades are actually a lot better as well.”

The 5′10″, 250 pound Nhan, who is training for his first power competition, uses diaphragmatic breathing and imagery meditation prior to each lift. He also meditates throughout the day to stay focused and calm. (More)

Source: The Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan

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