Friday, February 5, 2010

Those in Pain Can Relieve Some Suffering with Meditation - Pain sufferers sometimes intensify their pain levels by adding layers of mental anguish, say UT Southwestern Medical Center psychologists. But, by learning and using mindfulness – attending to the present without judgment – the physical pain can be separated out from the surrounding mental distress, says Dr. Marty Lumpkin, a clinical psychologist.
“Fighting pain perpetuates and spirals it into the dimension of suffering,” he says. “Mindfulness meets the pain with an attitude of allowing, not protesting.”
Mindfulness is often learned through a form of meditation. Mindfulness meditation combines focusing on some present experience, like taking a breath, with open awareness to whatever else – sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts – arises in the moment.
Mindfulness involves five aspects: (More)

Source: Health News Digest

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