Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Study Confirms Stress Causes High Blood Pressure

For years, it has been debated if stress leads to high blood pressure.

The Medical College of Wisconsin has the answer.

Julia Mae Banks is a 79-yea-old heart attack survivor.

Banks battles high blood pressure, and has suffered from losing her husband, children and parents.

"So, you know I feel like maybe this is the reason I'm still here. Is because of meditation," Banks said.

Banks exercises and maintains a no-salt diet. She also practices transcendental meditation.

"Because it helped me to calm down. Settle down. Helped me to accept things that I could not change," Banks said.

Banks said it also helped her high blood pressure.

Dr. Ulrich Broeckel at the Medical College of Wisconsin thinks of hypertension as having several flavors. (More)


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