Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meditation: Breathe it Easy & Balance Out Life

Meditation has been an age old way to de-stress. That’s not surprising as meditation is known to help in healing by putting the mind at ease. Some
of the more popular ways of meditating have been through yoga, breathing techniques, reiki and dhyan.

Dhyan Foundation, a spiritual organisation spreading the message of Yoga in its original form, practices a number of activities for people to attain a relaxed sense of being.

Yogi Ashwani of Dhyan Foundation says, “If dhyan is practiced in totality, as part of Sanatan Kriya, then no harm can be caused to the body. Professionals across age groups do this. People want more time for themselves... this helps to keep balance. Stress is a form of imbalance in itself.” (More)

Source: India Times

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