Saturday, January 16, 2010

Accident Leads to Meditation Practice

When Chuck St. Romain was granted a new lease on life, he also received a new view of how to live that renewed oppportunity more fully.
A hunting accident came perilously close to killing St. Romain, but his traumatic journey through that experience led to an appreciation of meditation and a spiritual awakening.
"I was duck hunting south of here," St. Romain said. "I slipped, heard a bang, got shot and was bleeding from my head. At first, I was terrified. Then that shifted into sadness, and I told those with me to tell (wife) Barb and (daughter) Claire that I love them, because I didn't think I'd see them again.
"Then I shifted into this incredible awareness of my breath. I was so present with my breath, so connected. My terror had eased dramatically." (More)

Source: The Adversier

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